Kokis (කොකිස්)

Kokis Kokis Kokis

A crispy, deep fired Sri Lankan treat that is well known to make rounds during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year and any celebratory event, “Kokis” is simply made of rice flour and Coconut milk which are widely available here.

Kokis mold’s which are iron crafted are available in Sri Lanka while the most common shapes are butterfly, flower and wheel shaped ones. The most important task is to get the proper consistency of the batter which should be thicker than a pancake mix. The reason is so that the mold is well coated with the batter and fried into perfection.



  • Add the flour, sugar , Turmeric and salt in a bowl with 1 cup of Coconut milk and mix well to get a smooth paste without lumps (Sri Lankans use the hand)
  • Beat the eggs and add it gradually to the batter along with the rest of the milk. Make sure that the batter is thicker that a pancake batter
  • Get a deep pan and heat the oil well. Dip the Kokis mold in hot oil for a few seconds till it gets hot
  • Now dip the mold into the batter making sure that the batter doesn’t run over the mold. (Do not immerse it completely)
  • Dip the mold into the boiling oil and after a few seconds the batter should come out easily. You can lightly tap the handle against the edge of the pan
  • Just in case the batter sticks to the mold, you can take it off by using a wooden stick or spoon
  • Both sides should be fried only for a few seconds and you can take it off when its a golden yellow. Don’t over do it
  • Take the Kokis out and drain it off the excess oil using a paper towel
  • You can store the Kokis in airtight containers and keep it for a week

Kokis Kokis Kokis

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