Geta Beraya ෴ ගැට බෙරය

The traditional Sri Lankan drums are crafted with care, producing rhythmic melodies while presenting an esthetically pleasing look. The village of Kuragala in the Kandy district is known for manufacturing these drums. Four generations of traditional drum makers in the village have faithfully stayed true to their craft, creating the bera or drums.

The Geta Beraya or Udarata Beraya is the Kandyan drum. It is the main drum used in traditional Kandyan dances and so, the name Udarata Beraya. The name Geta Beraya (drum with a knot) is given because of the shape of this drum. It has a barrel-like shape and the two sides are narrower than the centre of the drum. Ehela, kos (jak)or kohomba (margosa) or milla wood is used to make it. The two sides are covered with two different kinds of animal hide. The left side is covered with treated cattle hide and the right side with treated goat or monkey skin. The cattle hide covered side has a low pitched sound or beat while the side covered with the goat or monkey skin has a sound or beat higher in pitch. Deer skin strips are usually used to hold the sides of the Geta Beraya. It is tied around the waist of the drummer. The drum is played with both hands.