Koggala Beach

We are just 12 km down from one of the finest bay beaches of the world, Unawatuna Bay Beach & now the coastal road passes an airstrip, hurriedly constructed here during the Second World War against the threat of Japanese air attack and now to be developed as a domestic airport. We are at Koggala, a small unprepossessing town.

Turtle hatchery

Nearby there is a small turtle hatchery opened in 1996, which buys turtle eggs from the fishermen in an attempt to discourage them from poaching & selling the eggs for food.

Witness how the newborn turtles are being cared for until they are ready to be released back to the ocean. The wide sandy beaches that exist round the island of Sri Lanka are utilized by several of the marine turtles for laying their eggs. The commonest of these are the Loggerheads and the Leathery turtle while the green turtle is a less common visitor. Koggala Lake

Attractive & tranquil Koggala lagoon is just a couple of kilometers away; dotted with rocky islands & fringed with mangroves. The lagoon is alive with birdlife & supply prawns in abundance. Motor boat trips & catamaran rides take you to the small islands in the lagoon. One of the island features a cinnamon plantation. The Buddhist temple on another island attracts many visitors on poya (full moon) days. And another island features Ananda Spice Garden.

Ananda Spice Garden

The visit by boat to the island "Ananda Spice Garden" will help cure sun burn of yours. You can taste herbal wine & buy priced & labelled items.

Martin Wickramsinghe Folk Museum

Directly opposite the large Confifi Club Horizon hotel, the excellent Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum is inspired by the ideas of Martin Wickramasinghe, one of the most important Sinhalese writers of the twentieth century. A museum showcasing Sri Lanka's traditional culutrre was a dream of this cultural stalwart, though it wasn't realized until after his death. Wickramasinghe together with the giants of Sinhalese literary tradition of the era, W. A. Silva, Piyadasa Sirisena & Munidasa Kumaratunghe played an important role in asserting the values of the Sinhalese Buddhists at a time when the island was in danger of being swamped by European & Christian influences.

The house of Wickramasinghe (the only house spared from demolition to make way for the air base during the Second World War) & the excellent Folk Museum are set in an attractive seven acre garden with labeled trees. The museum houses fascinating exhibits from traditional Sri Lankan life: everything from catching a fish to chasing off malevolent spirits. The exhibits are interesting & well displayed, with information in English & Sinhalese.

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