Collection: Wildlife Tours

Sri Lanka is well endowed with many types of landscapes while wild and untouched forests are one of the most treasured. From the central highlands to the surrounding lowlands and even the coastal areas of the island harbour many areas that are filled with wildlife, flora and fauna. There are many protected reserves where you can explore and spot migratory and endemic species of birds, herds of elephants, medicinal plants along with underwater marine life with whales and dolphins being one of the most sought after attractions.

All wildlife and nature lovers will certainly love the tour itinerary provided by Lakpura and enjoy a holiday filled with excitement. Some of the most enjoyed activities in Sri Lanka are wildlife safaris to some of the many National Parks that are located across the island. The island is currently home to about 7500 elephants while you can view herds of these gigantic animals roaming around. Parks and reserves are also home to leopards, deer, buffalo, sambar, sloth bear and many more endemic species.

Nature hikes can be organized through rainforests where you can explore and enjoy nature at its best. Birdwatching during migratory season is a beautiful experience. Boat rides through thick mangroves will offer you a sense of calm while whale and dolphin watching excursions in luxurious catamaran boats are on a league of its own. Snorkelling among the corals and deep sea diving where you can catch a glimpse of the tropical marine life is always an amazing experience.

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