Shulahara Thailaya

Shulahara Thailaya

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Shulahara Thailaya

(SKU: LSZ3399000) Sports Massage Oil or Shulahara Taila is a natural muscle toner that enhances circulation, tones up sore, tight and fatigued muscles and restores flexibility. This classic Ayurvedic oil can be used both before and after a sports activity or a physical workout. Helps recovery and protects you from stiffness and muscle and joint problems.Direction for Use:Massage gently into the affected areas, using long, relaxing strokes. For best results, apply an external heat source, such as a hot water bag or heat pad after rubbing the oil.

Ingredients: Haldi – Enhances ComplexionManjishtha – Increases Blood CirculationSesame Oil – Soothening & Healing Property



Brand Ruwasampatha
Contents Single Bottle
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LSZ3399AI0 Unknown 28g
LSZ3399AP0 Unknown 60g
LSZ3399B50 Unknown 180g
LSZ3399BI0 Unknown 375g
LSZ3399BU0 Unknown 750g
LSZ3399C80 Unknown 4.5kg

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