Premium Quality Ceylon Mace (Whole)

Premium Quality Ceylon Mace (Whole)

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Premium Quality Ceylon Mace (Whole)

(SKU: LS11413000) Mace is the sister spice of nutmeg. Nutmeg trees are the only plant to give us two spices. (As opposed to a plant like dill which gives us a spice and an herb.) Nutmegs are the actual seeds of the tree while mace is what is known as an airl—the protective coating of the seed.Whole blade mace can be used just like a bay leaf, slowly releasing its flavor in long-cooking recipes. Try cracking the mace aril in half and use a piece to perfume a pot of steaming basmati rice, season some simmering chicken stock, or in a jar of homemade pickles, especially beets. You can also grind it yourself with one of these handy Microplane Spice Mills.


Brand The Travel Kitchen
Contents Packet of Ceylon Mace
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LS11413030 Unknown 50g
LS11413040 Unknown 100g
LS11413060 Unknown 250g
LS11413080 Unknown 500g
LS11413090 Unknown 1kg

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