Premium Quality Ceylon Cumin Seeds (Powder)

Premium Quality Ceylon Cumin Seeds (Powder)

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Premium Quality Ceylon Cumin Seeds (Powder)

(SKU: LS12425000) Prepared from dry roasted cumin seeds, Cumin Powder, Ground Cumin or Jeera powder has all the quintessential components of cumin and a roasted flavor that makes any cuisine in which it is used more palatable.

Cumin is rich in Vitamin E and hence it has anti-aging properties. Research shows that Homemade Cumin Powder just like cumin essential oil is very digestive, antiseptic, and diuretic. Not only is it good for your taste buds but it also helps you when you want to lose weight. Moreover, it also prevents diabetes, blood sugar cancer, treats insomnia, and is also good for the skin.


Brand The Travel Kitchen
Contents Packet of Cumin Powder
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LS12425030 0 50g
LS12425040 0 100g
LS12425060 0 250g
LS12425080 0 500g
LS12425090 0 1kg

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