Premium Quality Ceylon Coriander (Powder)

Premium Quality Ceylon Coriander (Powder)

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Premium Quality Ceylon Coriander (Powder)

(SKU: LS12406000)Ground coriander is used as a spice in dishes like curry and in baked goods. Dry roast them in a pan or in the oven at a low temperature, then use a spice grinder to produce the ground coriander.Ground coriander can be found in soups, stews, and vegetable and meat dishes. It is part of many traditional spice blends in Indian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisines.


Brand The Travel Kitchen
Contents Packet of Coriander Powder
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LS12406030 Unknown 50g
LS12406040 Unknown 100g
LS12406060 Unknown 250g
LS12406080 Unknown 500g
LS12406090 Unknown 1kg

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