Maha Narayana Thailaya

Maha Narayana Thailaya

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Maha Narayana Thailaya

(SKU: LSZ3390000) Narayan Oil is an Ayurvedic oil (Thailam). It is used in the treatment of many neuromuscular and skeletomuscular conditions, such as arthritis, neuralgia, etc. It is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic oils. It is used both for oral administration and external application.How to use Narayana oilIt is used for massage.It is used in Ayurvedic treatment like Dhara, Nasya, Basti treatment etc.Dose for oral intake is – 5 – 20 drops once or twice a day, before food, with warm water or warm milk, as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.This oil is used for massage for ladies, after delivery, to improve body strength.It is also used as a massage oil for babies.




Brand Ruwasampatha
Contents Single Bottle
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LSZ3390AI0 Unknown 28g
LSZ3390AP0 Unknown 60g
LSZ3390B50 Unknown 180g
LSZ3390BI0 Unknown 375g
LSZ3390BU0 Unknown 750g
LSZ3390C80 Unknown 4.5kg

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