Jala  Sanniya (Standard)

Jala Sanniya (Standard)

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Jala Sanniya (Standard)

(SKU: LS24126000) Jala Sanniya Mask is used for Its purpose is healing and blessing through a performance in which 18 kinds of maladies, inflicted by devils, are purged from human body. According to historians, this particular mask is used in healing of vomiting and dysentery, can also be a colorful addition to your space.

  • 1950s-1960s era Sir Lankan, culturally used wooden masks.
  • A character of the 18 Sanni masks group.
  • A polychrome wooden disease mask used for healing rituals.
  • Masks play important roles in religious, healing and exorcism rituals.

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Brand Lakpura™
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