Bihiri Sanniya (Standard)

Bihiri Sanniya (Standard)

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Bihiri Sanniya (Standard)

(SKU: LS24122000) This sanniya was associated with temporary deafness. The one side of its mask was carved with a serpent, because the ancients regarded the serpent as a deaf creature.

  • 1950s-1960s era Sir Lankan, culturally used wooden masks.
  • A character of the 18 Sanni masks group.
  • A polychrome wooden disease mask used for healing rituals.
  • Masks play important roles in religious, healing and exorcism rituals.

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Brand Lakpura™
Contents 1 Unit
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LS24122100 4796027722464 60g
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LS24122120 4796027722488 225g
LS24122130 4796027722495 350g
LS24122140 4796027722501 660g
LS24122150 4796027722518 780g

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