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(SKU: LSZ3340000) The princesses’ yore announced to spruce themselves up, flows into the market for you too. This unguent adds a hypnotic glamour to your face. Procured from herbal essence of saffron, sandalwood, musk, venivel, aloes, cuscus, suwanda kottan etc. Anjanalepaya is enriched with a microscopic protective layer against heat, dust bacteria of possible adverse effects. Continues application of the ointment removes possible facial scares, blisters, cracks, contortions, moles, grey sports, pimples, black heads or skin discolors. It is a potent therapy for buckishness around eyes. The protective shield the ointment contains is alien to many other ointments and is your additional protective guard against heat and dust.

Ingredients: Ingredients: saffron, sandalwood, musk, venivel, aloes, cuscus, suwanda kottan, etc.



Brand Ruwasampatha
Contents Single Tub - 10g
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LSZ3340AA0 Unknown 10g

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