Karakawana Rabana

Karakawana Rabana Karakawana Rabana Karakawana Rabana

The Karakawana Rabana (Spinning Rabana) is a Ath Rabana (Hand Rabana). The performers spin it on their fingers or on painted poles, sometimes even balancing the pole in their mouths with several rabanas on spikes fixed to it. A small rabana’s diametre is between six to eight inches. While a medium sized one will have a diametre of eight to 12 inches. Kos (Jak) and Milla wood is used to make this Rabana and the skin of a goat used to cover the drum face, The sides of the drum and the poles are often gaily decorated. The Karakawana Raban performers are often seen in pereheras and will be walking on stilts at times. The Virindu rabana is also an Ath Rabana used by singers of folk songs in a style in the Virindu tradition or style. It is the telling of a story in verse or song and is very rhythmic, melodius and upbeat. This is a very old tradition. Virindu singers can be seen in public places, buses and trains even today.

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